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Pilot Automated Mobile Water Treatment System

The mobile water treatment system have the ability to treat various types of water sources, including from boiler blow down, leachate from solid waste, from wastewater treatment plant, ash pond, lakes, rivers, groundwater, sea water etc. for drinking or for demineralize use.


  • The innovative application of proven techniques and technologies in individual plants and units can provide solutions to most small community water quality problems

  • Provides a continual supply of potable water during emergencies

  • First step by TNB to reduce water / environmental footprint and move towards a more sustainable development

Potential Application

  • Mobile Automated Water Treatment System

  • Mobile Automated Wastewater Treatment System

  • Power Plant Waste Water Recycling

  • Agricultural water reclamation technology

  • On-Site immediate water supply solution

  • Water Disinfection

  • Waste Water Pre-treatment

To discuss partnership and licensing opportunities, contact us:

Dr Masitah Alias

Senior Researcher




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