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Reservoir Inflow Forecast System

The inflow forecasting system is an essential tool to assist dam owners in decision making and planning. Effective and optimized hydropower reservoir operation, monitor and forecast inflows and lake level to provide benefits in maximizing energy revenue, while taking into account dam safety risks.

TNB Research's system offers a comprehensive approach to reservoir management, including real-time monitoring of rainfall and river levels, telemetry integration, SCADA integration, and a robust decision support system. The system also includes enhancements for reservoir optimization and uses a Numerical Weather Prediction model to forecast rainfall. With these tools, reservoir managers can make fast and accurate decisions to ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations.


  • Improved water management : With a forecast system in place, reservoir managers can better predict future inflows and outflows.

  • Ability to plan for extreme weather events by alerting managers to potential flooding risks, allowing them to take proactive measures to reduce the impact.

  • Improved electricity generation by accurately predicting inflows, energy production can be optimized, helping to reduce costs and ensure a stable energy supply.

  • Enhanced safety.

Potential applications

  • Flood Management

  • Early Warning System

  • Reservoir Optimisation

To discuss partnership and licensing opportunities, contact us:

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