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Service On Carbon Footprint and Mitigation Assessment

Outlining the importance of accurate greenhouse gas (GHG) impact information, we help in delivering:

  • A complete picture of GHG emissions split by source.

TNBR Consultancy Services will include;

  • Development of methodology for assessment of carbon footprint based on International accepted practices.

  • Conduct and develop baseline on carbon footprint assessment.

  • Identify and quantify potential mitigation options.


  • Establishment of baseline

  • Quantify the results of GHG emissions and reduction efforts

  • Raise public awareness on the efforts taken

  • GHG emissions continuous monitoring and reporting

  • Recognition opportunities

Potential applications

  • Bursa Malaysia Sustainable Development reporting

  • Image/Marketing Perspectives

  • Business risks related to GHG emissions

  • Carbon reduction target setting

  • Own operations

To discuss partnership and licensing opportunities, contact us:

MD Fauzan Kamal Bin Mohd




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