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Product Description:

TNBR has developed a specialised severity index level for cable Conditions Based Maintenance, based on offline Oscillating Wave Test System (OWTS) Partial Discharge Mapping (PD).

The specialised severity index comes with complete recommendation and action guides for operators.

Development of the severity index was verified through teardown on actual PD physical defect samples collected from actual Medium Voltage Underground cable network.

This severity index level were made to be automatically calculated through the development of the “Severity auto-Calculator” (SaC) software.

Features and Specifications:


Benefits of the Severity Auto-Calculator (SaC) software:

  • Increased the accuracy and consistency of severity index calculation

  • Minimized human error and time as compared to performing calculation manually

  • Reduced maintenance expenditure by accurately recommend action plan based on pre-determined severity index

  • Precisely recommend action plan to optimize maintenance action by avoiding pre-mature underground cable and accessories replacement

  • Assist cable owner in prioritizing effective mitigation action plan accurately, thus reduced downtime

  • Effectively increased diagnostic team productivity.

Potential Applications:

Severity level identification of Partial Discharge (PD) defects in underground power cable and accessories, via offline PD Mapping test.

IP Status:

Software Copyright

Our Offerings:

  • Licensing

  • Partnership



Technology Readiness Level:


To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Ir Mohd Azraei Pa’at

Lead Researcher

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Officer

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