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Product Description:

  • The Smart Voltage Detector acts as a last line of defence for operators working in high voltage environment and.

  • Wearable equipment with embedded sensors to detect electromagnetic signals from live parts of primary equipment.

  • Equipped with Smart Live Sensors Alarm.

  • Proven effectiveness - demonstrated in live and simulated high voltage conditions.

Features and Specifications:


  • Comply with IEC 61243 (Live working capacitive voltage detectors) requirements.

  • Wearable glove with vibrating alarm indicator, LED alert, battery weak and power on indicator.

  • The Smart Voltage Detector has a programmable detection range from 10 cm up to 100 cm

  • Detects voltage range of 240V up to Medium Voltage.

Potential Applications:

Practical for use by maintenance personnel dealing with primary equipment like switchgear, feeder pillar, power cables and accessories (Insulated Boots in terminations, Cable Joints).

IP Status:

Malaysian Patent Filed

Our Offerings:




Technology Readiness Level:


To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Ir. Dr. Avinash Ashwin Raj

Lead Researcher

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Officer

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