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Green Sediment Brick

In Cameron Highlands, regular dredging has been conducted by TNB to combat the sedimentation problem. Around 200,000 m3 sediments from Ringlet Reservoir were dredged annually and resulted on limited space of disposal area which was estimated to last for less than 25 years. Thus, an R&D project was conducted to study the properties of the sediments and its potential to be used to form products.

Few trial mixture of the sediment pressed brick were tested to optimize the amount of cement and sediments to meet the requirement of compressive strength in ASTM C129. Then, physical and mechanical properties tests for brick accordance to ASTM C140 were carried out. Besides that, fire resistance test was also conducted to determine its resistivity to fire. Testing procedures for the brick such as compression test, water absorption test, flexural test and efflorescence are accordance to ASTM C140 and ASTM C67

The Green Sediment Bricks were developed using mixture of sediment (silt and sand), concrete and water with dimension ±3.2mm from standard dimension (215 mm x 102.5 mm x 65 mm). The bricks weight approximately ±3.3 - 3.5kg and it comes in two option, with / without colour.

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