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Pilot Automated Mobile Water Treatment System

The mobile water treatment system have the ability to treat various types of water sources, including from boiler blow down, leachate from solid waste, from wastewater treatment plant, ash pond, lakes, rivers, groundwater, sea water etc. for drinking or for demineralize use.


Minerals (e.g. Cal, mg, iron) in water content pose detrimental effects on industrial processes, equipment, and overall water quality. The absence of a reliable demineralized water treatment system leaves industries vulnerable to operational disruptions, decreased product yield, and compromised safety standards.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Mobile and modular system includes skid mounted system, a container and a trailer

  • Compact designed for both low and high-capacity flowrates

  • Can be deployed in continuous or intermittent production

  • Designed for easy installation and minimum maintenance

  • Apply proven and up-to-date water treatment technology

Market Strength

Increase in demand for clean water for municipal and industrial purposes, stringent regulations on wastewater discharge, and rising focus on water quality and public health are some key factors driving the market.


Power Plants; Oil refineries

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To discuss partnership and licensing opportunities, contact us:

Dr Masitah Alias

Senior Researcher

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