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Network Management System for Remote Meter Reading

The Network Management System (NMS) is an enterprise software solution developed for the remote metering network management and diagnostic system. The System is further enhanced with a graphical user interface to show the number of faulty or non-communicable meters, SIM failures and other network parameters, by region / state basis. A Google map representation of the meter/modem failures was also developed and integrated into the NMS system.


  • The NMS Software is capable of analysing location, Zone and Sub-Zone data. It provides historical data, trend, alarms, and reports

  • Prompt and accurate billing through Remote Meter Reading (RMR)

  • Reduction in the RMR meter read failures and manual reading

  • Provides information on the health status of modems, networks and meters.

Potential Application

  • Monitoring for Remote Meter Reading (RMR) networks and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

  • Analysis of network activities and device failures for prompt rectifications

  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Google Maps integration provides on overview of the network failures graphically for easier interpretations

  • Future integration with mobile apps (Andriod/IOS) for enhanced site investigation & troubleshooting of networks.

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