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Optical Chromatic Transformer Oil Monitoring (OCTOM) System

The Optical Chromatic Transformer Oil Monitoring (OCTOM) system is based on a novel approach of combining multiple optical techniques and chromatic methodologies for monitoring the degradation of transformer oils. The System is capable of monitoring the condition of the mineral oil used for thermally cooling and electrically insulating active parts of a transformer.

OCTOM also gives preliminary indication of the oil condition using an electronic camera instead of a spectrometer based system so providing a convenient and robust approach for onsite monitoring.


  • Portable design for instant on-site assessment of the health of insulating transformer oil

  • Pre-screening test support - ability to differentiate and identify healthy and concerned transformer oil samples

  • Use of optical detection techniques - Absorption, Scattering, Fluorescence

  • Successfully diagnosed on fault samples =100% accurate on high concern oil samples

  • Used as frequent and inexpensive pre-screening tests

  • Supported by comprehensive analysis using data analytic approach & mobile-based technology.

Potential Application

  • Complimentary onsite optical diagnostic test kit - reduce the need for further transformer oil laboratory tests on healthy oil samples.

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