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Product Description:

  • Three-tier hierarchical voltage control: Coordinates reactive power (VAr) resources with the concepts of Tertiary Voltage Control (TVC), Secondary Voltage Control (SVC) and Primary Voltage Control (PVC).

  • Adaptive Zone Division (AZD): Automatically reconfigure control zones with adaptive clustering method.

  • Enhanced Power Plant Voltage Controller (PPVC) and Substation Voltage Controller (SSVC).

Features and Specifications:

The CVC system shall include:
- Master station operates in the power system control center, and slave station runs at power plants or substations.
- Automatically control voltage and coordinate different voltage levels based on information interactions.
- Controlled devices may include generators, condensers, capacitors, reactors, on-load tap changer and etc.


  • CVC coordinates the reliability and efficiency requirements of the electric grid operation, improve voltage stability margins, keep safe voltage profiles, and reduce transmission losses.

Potential Applications:

  • The CVC system is made up of hardware and software that determines control strategy according to the operational states of the electrical grid, and closed-loop controls of VAr and voltage regulating equipment.

  • The CVC system performs system-wide optimisation and regulates local control devices of power plants and substations.

IP Status:

Copyright: Automatic Coordinated Voltage Control System for Power System Voltage Control and Information Management

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