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Product Description:

  • Smallest weight to power ratio among all hydro turbines

  • Smallest wetted area of the buckets thus produces lowest bucket friction loss

  • Highest jet deflection angles, 170 - 177 degree when compared to Turgo and Pelton turbine, which have deflection angle between 155 - 170 degree

  • Can be design to have two wheels per shaft for vertical shaft configuration

  • No bucket splitter ridge is required to reduces maintenance cost and eliminate splitter power loss no bucket splitter ridge needed

Features and Specifications:

- Tested minimum head 40m
- Elliptic or rectangular nozzle aperture
- 7 nozzles and 2 wheels per wheel for a vertical shaft configuration
- Theoretically unlimited number of wheel but 2 nozzles per wheel for a horizontal shaft configuration
- Number of buckets per wheel 16-26 buckets


  • Low installation and maintenance cost

  • Wide site applicability range among the impulse and high turbine efficiency

Potential Applications:

  • Prime mover for generations

  • Isolated or grid connected turbine generations

IP Status:

Impulse Hydro Turbine (PI20187033327)

Our Offerings:

  • Techonology / Manufacturer Licensing

  • Licensing collaboration



Technology Readiness Level:


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