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Product Description:

  • Every gas turbine has its control system to automatically de-rate the load whenever it operates outside the “safe” condition.

  • Among the issues facing the power plant operators is the high combustion dynamics related to the poor gas quality or ambient temperature.

  • Components damage and power generation losses are some of the outcomes resulting from the high combustion dynamics.

  • This unique system is designed to predict potential combustion dynamics events and provide a recommendation load at which the machine is supposed to operate to avoid auto de-rate events/conditions. At the same time, the system also maximizes the output load without exposing the machine/related components to unforeseeable components damage risks.

Features and Specifications:


  • Plant-specific, AI/machine learning-based modeling

  • Actionable intervention strategies for combustion issues that require instantaneous intervention (poor gas quality, ambient temperature)

  • Early warning ~ 3-5 minutes before automatically machine de-rate event triggered by GT’s internal control system

  • Load recommendation throughout the combustion dynamics event to maximize power output and at the same time avoid component damage.

Potential Applications:

  • Gas turbine combustion monitoring

  • Extended application in coal-fired power plants.

IP Status:

Software copyright

Our Offerings:

  • Licensing

  • Collaboration



Technology Readiness Level:

To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Ahmad Zulazlan Shah Zulkifli

Researcher/Lead Inventor

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Officer

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