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Product Description:

  • Perform either EMT type or Phasor type simulation, or hybrid Phasor-EMT simulation in real-time.

  • Supports various types of communication protocols including IEC61850 and C37.118.

  • 32 analog and 64 digital input/output (I/O) for hardware interfacing such as protective relays, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and etc.

Features and Specifications:

The real-time power system simulator shall include:
- Simulates in real-time a network size of about 10,000 three-phase bus using positive sequence only mode with a time-step of 10ms running on single CPU.
- Has an option to simulate in real-time a network size of about 3,500 three-phase bus using three-phase unbalance mode at a time-step of 10ms on single CPU.


  • Able to integrate the stability network with an EMTP type simulation running at a time-step of 50µs.

  • The real-time power system simulator accelerates integration and verification testing of the newly developed system.

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