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Product Description:

  • Measures hydro turbine and water intake discharge

  • New innovation method by TNBR using very old fluid mechanic principles named as Bernoulli principle and continuity equation

  • Non-intrusive measurement

Features and Specifications:

- Measures intake vent shaft or any accessible vent differential head just after intake entrance with respect to stationary water level before intake
- Min requirement of at least 30cm differential head at full discharge
- Measurement resolutions for 30cm max differential = 0.5% of full discharge
- Measurement resolutions for 100cm max differential = 0.17% of full discharge


  • Measurement accuracy = 2&

  • Suitable for efficiency monitoring since it does not introduce head loss

  • Smallest efficiency degradation can be discriminated <0.5%

  • Suitable for portable measurement equipment

  • In most cases does not require any downtime

  • Suitable for all types of hydro turbine intakes

  • Suitable for short and long penstock

  • Suitable for online efficiency monitoring

Potential Applications:

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