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Product Description:

Green Cable Protection Slab (GCPS) is the green and innovative product developed by converting coal bottom ash (CBA) into valuable product. The incorporation of CBA in the mixture had increased the performances of GCPS, environmental friendly and eligible to be certified as eco-labelling product. Two (2) types of GCPS that have been developed are as follows:

  • Polymeric Type - formulated based on mixed design ratio between CBA and resin (Figure 1).

  • Concrete Type - formulated based on mixed design ratio between CBA and Cement (Figure 2).

Features and Specifications:


  • No leaching of toxic metals and environmentally product tested and proven by SIRIM, DOE and accredited Lab

  • Provide highest impact resistance for cable protection

  • A lightweight concrete slab - no harms to workers for assembling

  • Competitive price

  • Upholding government and utility commitments to drive the sustainable development on utilization of waste into usable products

Potential Applications:

Both Type of slabs can be installed at other utilities to protect cable, pipeline and other underground infra

IP Status:

Patent Pending

Our Offerings:

  • Techonology / Manufacturer Licensing

  • Project Collaboration for Product Enhancement


Sustainable Environment

Technology Readiness Level:


To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Md Fauzan Kamal Mohd Yapandi

Hanafi Yusop


Download PDF:

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