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Product Description:

  • The concrete sediment trap consists of inlet, three compartments of sediment basin and outlet of the structure

  • Each compartments function differently as a complete system

  • The sediment basin were constructed using concrete

  • Reduce sediments inflow into reservoir

  • Add on services - one year water quality monitoring to determine the workability of system

Features and Specifications:


  • Comprehensive solutions to control and manage sedimentation

  • Construct at source to control sedimentation

  • Concrete sediment trap designed to trap solid waste and sediment with various particle size

Potential Applications:

  • The sediment trap can be installed at source within watershed area

  • The installation of sediment trap at source of sediment contributor will help reduce sedimentation problem at all reservoir in Malaysia

IP Status:

Patent pending

Our Offerings:

  • Techonology / Manufacturer Licensing

  • Project Contractor


Sustainable Environment

Technology Readiness Level:


To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Nor Aishah Binti Abbas

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