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Automated Coordinated Voltage Control (CVC) System is made up from Three-tier hierarchical voltage controls that coordinates reactive power (VAr) resources with the concepts of Tertiary Voltage Control (TVC), Secondary Voltage Control (SVC) and Primary Voltage Control (PVC). It possess Adaptive Zone Division (AZD) which automatically reconfigure control zones with adaptive clustering method. CVC enhances Power Plant Voltage Controller (PPVC) and Substation Voltage Controller (SSVC).

The CVC system includes; Master station which operates in the power system control center and slave station runs at power plants or substations. CVC automatically control voltage and coordinate different voltage levels based in information interactions. The controlled devices may includes generators, condensers, capacitors, reactors, on-load tap changer etc.


CVC coordinates the reliability and efficiency requirements of the electric grid operation, improve voltage stability margins, keep safe voltage profiles, and reduce transmission losses.

Potential Application

  • The CVC system is made up of hardware and software that determines control strategy according to the operational states of the electrical grid, and closed-loop controls of VAr and voltage regulating equipment.

  • The CVC system performs system-wide optimisation and regulates local control devices of power plants and substations.

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