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Every gas turbine has its own control system to automatic de-rate the load whenever it operates outside the 'safe' condition. One of the major issues faced by power plant operators is high combustion dynamics related to the poor gas quality or ambient temperature. Components damage and power generation lossess are some of the outcomes resulted from the high combustion dynamics.

GT-ICMS is designed to predict potential combustion dynamics events and subsequently gives a recommendation load at which the machine is supposed to be operated to avoid auto de-rate event / condition and at the same time maximizing the output load without exposing the machine / related components to unforeseeable components damage risks.


  • Plant-specific, AI / machine learning based modelling

  • Actionable intervention strategies for combustion issues that require instantaneous intervention

  • Early warning - 3 to 5 minutes prior to automatically machine de-rate event triggered by GT's internal control system

Potential Application

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