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Product Description:

  • A sustainable bio-fertilizer derived from biological waste that recovers valuable fertilizer components.

  • It can be used directly on plants to replace chemical fertilizer

  • A practical approach towards a circular economy through nutrient recovery.

Features and Specifications:


  • This liquid fertilizer is a by-product of the waste-to-energy system. Its ingredients are rich with nutrients recovered from digestate from anaerobic digestion of food waste.

  • The solution has similar properties to commercial biofertilizers with the following N:P:K ratio:

  • Nitrogen (N) : 2

  • Phosphorus (P) : 4

  • Potassium (K) : 1

Potential Applications:

  • As fertilizer for green plants, fruit trees, gardening, and flower plants

  • Nourishment for plants and trees

  • Soil conditioning

  • Landscaping purposes

IP Status:

Our Offerings:

  • Collaboration


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Technology Readiness Level:

To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Afifi Zainal

Researcher / Lead Inventor

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Manager

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