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Product Description:

  • The invention consists of a non-thermal plasma (NTP) reactor to synthesize biogas to value added chemicals such as methanol, and a more combustible gas mixture consisting of carbon monoxide (CO)

  • The composition of the biogas fluctuates depending on the operational condition of the digester and landfill

  • If the composition of the biogas has higher levels of CO2 , the energy content of the biogas decreases, and is not suitable to be utilized efficiently as a gaseous fuel

  • This innovation addresses the fluctuating CO2 content in biogas by utilizing a NTP reactor

  • Bio-CNG system providers and biogas producers are able to close the carbon cycle loop by using this innovation to convert the captured CO2 (with close to 90% concentration) to CO. The CO can be used as gaseous fuel for heating a boiler.

Features and Specifications:


  • The NTP consists of a dielectric barrier that is subjected to high voltage & low amperes

  • The initiated plasma dissociates CO2 to CO via electron impact dissociation and is combustible compared to CO2, which is inert

  • The CO is used as a gaseous fuel for heating a boiler, reducing consumption of fossil fuels, or can be used further for producing other chemicals

  • CH4 is dissociated and recombines with oxygen bearing radicals to form CH3OH, a building block for producing other chemicals, including biodiesel. which has a market price of approximately 400 USD/ton.

Potential Applications:

  • Biogas generators, such as landfills, palm oil mills, or anaerobic digesters for conversion of biogas into CH3OH

  • The invention can be integrated with CO2 capture facilities or landfills for conversion of CO2 to CO.

IP Status:

Malaysian Patent filed

Our Offerings:

  • Licensing

  • Partnership


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To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Ir. Dr. Lim Mook Tzeng

Researcher / Lead Inventor

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Officer

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