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Product Description:

The Network Management System (NMS) is an enterprise software solution developed for the remote metering network management and diagnostic system.

The System is further enhanced with a graphical user interface to show the number of faulty or non-communicable meters, SIM failures and other network parameters, by region/states basis.

A Google map representation of the meter/modem failures was also developed and integrated into the NMS system.

Features and Specifications:


  • The NMS Software is capable of analysing location, Zone and Sub-Zone data. It provides historical data, trend, alarms, and reports

  • Prompt and accurate billing through Remote Meter Reading (RMR)

  • Reduction in the RMR meter read failures and manual reading

  • Provides information on the health status of modems, networks and meters.

Potential Applications:

  • Monitoring for Remote Meter Reading (RMR) networks and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

  • Analysis of network activities and device failures for prompt rectifications

  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Google Maps integration provides on overview of the network failures graphically for easier interpretations

  • Future integration with mobile apps (Andriod/IOS) for enhanced site investigation & troubleshooting of networks.

IP Status:

Software copyright

Our Offerings:

  • Licensing

  • Partnership 



Technology Readiness Level:

Level 7

To discuss partnership and licencing opportunities, contact us:

Shashitheran Karuppiah

Researcher / Lead Inventor

Ahmad Mumtaz Ali

IP & Commercialization Officer

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